Camp Anglewood's facilities are located on a unique ten acre estate in Elkins Park, PA.

It includes hills, woods, a brook, a creek, a lake, and a small field. Numerous hiking paths get you between facilities. It truly resembles a little bit of the Poconos. No other day camp facility can match our camp's picturesque beauty.

Our campers are out doors getting exercise and plenty of fresh air. Please see the "Map" page for an interactive map with additional videos of our facility.

The Lake

The lake is Camp Anglewood's pride and joy. It's deepest point is only four feet but it is stocked with fish that have been very cooperative giving children immense joy fishing them out with barb-less hooks. The Sunnies are always accommodating while the bass are now pushing 18 inches in length. The more experienced fishermen can lure the channel catfish which can now exceed two feet in length and six pounds in weight. The biggest and prettiest fish are the Koi with their gold, white, black,and marble color patterns.

Boaters have a choice of the paddleboat, rowboat, or one of the ocean kayaks. Life vests are mandatory for everyone going out on the lake in one of the boats, including staff who accompany younger campers. Occasionally, counselors will take several campers out on one of our special floats.


The lake has an island reached by a curved bridge. The island serves as a good spot to fish or for the jail in a game of Alcatraz. The younger groups also use the island for parachute games. Our flagpole is located on the island; one camp group is assigned each day to raise and lower the flag during our daily "Flag" ceremonies.

Camp Anglewood Flyers Hockey Workshop

Camp Anglewood Flyers Hockey Workshop

2018 - Temple Basketball

2018 - Temple Basketball

Lower and Upper Courts

Basketball is very popular at Anglewood and the most played activity at the lower court. With four baskets, there is plenty of room for lots of shoot-around-fun before finishing the period with a "league" game in which everyone always plays. Or maybe play a game of "Knock-out" with the Temple Men's Basketball Team during one of their visits to Anglewood.

Dodgeball, wiffleball, and dolly relay races are also lower court activities. When the Flyers visit, street hockey fun happens in a makeshift rink on the lower court.

The Upper Court has a large volleyball style net and is the site for our newcomb and human bowling games. Located next to the pool, it is the best location for wet balloon games during Water Day. This facility also doubles as our theatre and stage for the talent show that closes Color War.

Sports/Multi-Purpose Field

Upper field activities include baseball, soccer, and Frisbee. Campers of varying skill levels play in the in-house soccer leagues or just kick and throw the ball around. Baseball games are played with a tennis ball for safety and ease of catching; baseball mitts are not required. Members of The Philadelphia Union and Philadelphia Soul professional teams often entertain campers with fun games to help everyone brush up on their skills. The upper field is also used for our Color War events like the softball toss, tug-of-war, sack races, and dizzy izzy contests.


Our large 60 x 50 ft pool was new in 2017 and sports a diving board, an easy entrance ramp, underwater seats, a water polo and water ball area,  an instructional lane area, and a water slide.  These areas easily accommodate several swim groups of different skill levels each period. Instruction is given for beginning, intermediate, and advanced swimmers.

Campers are evaluated at the beginning of camp and throughout the season to insure that they are placed into the appropriate skill group.

All lessons follow American Red Cross standards and teaching programs are administered by certified lifeguards.

Towels are provided.

The New Pool
The New Pool

2017 - The Pool

Crafts with Mudshack

Crafts with Mudshack

Arts and Crafts Center

All groups participate in various craft projects throughout the summer including boats to race in the creek, gimp key chains, and gifts for mom & dad. The older groups may sometimes build popsicle stick bridges or work on shields to commemorate their camp teams. Special projects focus on making props for the Color War team skits. All projects are tailored for the age and skill level of the campers.

Climbing Wall

Campers can use both sides of the wall for variety and added length. The wall is oriented horizontally instead of vertically for added safety.

Archery Range

Four shooting stations organize campers for safe archery. The four shooters must do all archery actions at the same time to insure safety. One of the favorite games is getting the best archery score by hitting playing cards taped to the targets. We are all still shooting for a Royal Flush!

Picnic and Bar-B-Que Area

There is a table for each lunch group in our picnic area. Our cooking grills are used each Wednesday to prepare the Bar-B-Que lunches and the adjacent serving area also hosts the occasional watermelon or Rita's treat for all the campers.

Camp Office / Nurse's Station

Our House is now camp central and serves as both the camp office and the nurse's station. All injuries are recorded and treated here by one of our RN's. If you are looking for the Camp Director, chances are she is close by!

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