2021 Camper Application Form

Camper Information

Camper Name
Camper Date of Birth
Camper Primary Address
Camper Home Phone Number
Camper School
Camper Grade (as of Sept. 2021)

Please notify the camp office as soon as possible of any changes in camper home address or home phone number.

List all camper daily medications
Describe all camper allergies and medical concerns

Camper would like to be grouped with:

Primary Parent/Guardian Information

Cell Phone
Work Phone

Secondary Parent/Guardian Information

Cell Phone
Address (if different from above)
Work Phone

Please notify the camp office as soon as possible of any changes in parent addresses, emails, or phone numbers.

Attendance & Tuition

Use the options below to choose your camper schedule, transportation preference or extended hours option. The adaptive tuition schedule below will display the estimated tuition total for your selections.

Please indicate which weeks your camper will be attending camp by selecting the weeks below. For all 9 weeks, select the full season option.

Extended hours are available daily as needed. ($15/day billed seperately)
Regular Camp Hours: 8:15am (drop off by 9:00am) to 4:15pm (pickup starts at 3:45pm)
Extended Hours: Drop off as early as 7:30am and pick up as late as 5:30pm
Daily or Weekly Attendance Daily 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks 5 Weeks 6 Weeks 7 Weeks 8 Weeks 9 Weeks
Excluding Camp Transportation $ 115 $ 575 $ 1150 $ 1725 $ 2300 $ 2875 $ 3450 $ 4025 $ 4400 $ 4725
Including Camp Transportation $ 126 $ 630 $ 1260 $ 1890 $ 2520 $ 3150 $ 3780 $ 4410 $ 4840 $ 5220
Extended Hours/No Trans. $ 127 $ 635 $ 1270 $ 1905 $ 2540 $ 3175 $ 3810 $ 4445 $ 4880 $ 5265
x 0 Total Days
= $ 0 Daily Rate Total Tuition
Transportation or EH
# of Weeks OT CT EH
1 Week $ 575 $ 630 $ 635
2 Weeks $ 1150 $ 1260 $ 1270
3 Weeks $ 1725 $ 1890 $ 1905
4 Weeks $ 2300 $ 2520 $ 2540
5 Weeks $ 2875 $ 3150 $ 3175
6 Weeks $ 3450 $ 3780 $ 3810
7 Weeks $ 4025 $ 4410 $ 4445
8 Weeks $ 4400 $ 4840 $ 4880
9 Weeks $ 4725 $ 5220 $ 5265
Daily Rates $ 115 $ 126 $ 127
Total Camp Days x 0
Daily Rate Total Tuition = $ 0

Available Tuition Discounts: Call For Details!
Please mark which discounts you would like applied to your tuition. The tuition total shown below does not include discounts. We will contact you to discuss discount rates when we process your registration.


All applications must be accompanied by a deposit of $500. The balance of tuition is due on April 15, 2021. If campers enroll after April 15, 2021, the balance of their tuition is due immediately upon enrollment acceptance. Failure to pay the balance by the due date may result in loss of weeks attending when Camp Anglewood becomes fully subscribed.

$ 0.00
Price: $ 500.00
$ 0.00
Enrollment Terms & Conditions
Prior to enrollment parents must disclose all pre-existing physical, mental, or medical conditions or disabilities of their camper. Parents are also required to do this with newly diagnosed or discovered conditions during the camp season. This is necessary to allow Camp Anglewood to adequately protect, treat, and support all campers to insure their safe and fun time at our camp. Signature below indicates that the campers parents release Camp Anglewood, LLC from any and all claims, causes, or liabilities and agrees to indemnify and hold Camp Anglewood, LLC harmless in connection with any injuries or damages sustained as a result of any such non-disclosure.

All Camp Anglewood health forms are required and must be sent in to the camp office by June 1, 2021 or accompany the camper on his first day if enrollment occurs after June 1, 2021. Health forms are available on the camp web site or call to request paper copies.

Camper acceptance is subject to space availability and the approval of the Camp Director, who reserves the right to deny, cancel or suspend enrollment of a camper if deemed, solely by the Camp Director’s evaluation, to be in the best interest of the camper or if applicable, in the interest of other campers and the camp in general. If a camper is not accepted, all deposits will be refunded.

The Camp Director also reserves the right to terminate a camper’s enrollment at anytime during his enrollment if the camper’s physical activity, behavior, conduct, or mental condition is deemed unsatisfactory, unacceptable, or detrimental to the best interest and safety of the camper, other campers, staff, or the camp in general. Failure to follow camp rules (see website) are also grounds for termination.

Tuition refunds are not granted for missed days, late arrivals, early pickups, or withdrawals from the program. Tuition refunds are also not granted for terminated enrollments. There will be no refunds after April 15, 2021. Late fees may apply for outstanding balances after April 15, 2021.

Any bank charges that Camp Anglewood incurs due to returned checks will be added to the balance due. All discounts (early registration, sibling, referral) are contingent upon the balance due being paid in full by April 15, 2021. All accounts with balance dues after April 15, 2021 are subject to loss of any and all discounts with the outstanding balance is due immediately.

Camp Anglewood is not responsible for camper’s personal belongings that are brought to camp. We recommend that personal items (cell phones, electronic toys/games, etc.) be left at home and all articles of clothing have the camper’s name clearly marked.

Parents consent to all pictures and videos taken by Camp Anglewood, LLC or its agents to be the Camp’s property for use on its website and in marketing material, brochures, ads, etc.

Parents give permission for their camper or campers to participate in all special events at camp including sports team visits, Carnival, and the Twilight event.

Parents or Guardians understand that some of the activities offered by Camp Anglewood, LLC may be rigorous and demanding, and believe that their child can participate in the program with no limiting predisposed health risks other than any cited on the Camp Anglewood, LLC Health Form. Parents or Guardians will release and hold harmless Camp Anglewood LLC, its agents, representatives and employees from any and all liability to them or their child as a result of his/her attending the summer camp program. Parents or Guardians hereby give permission to the representative of Camp Anglewood, LLC to permit hospital personnel and /or a licensed physician to perform emergency treatment and inject or administer drugs in conjunction with such emergency treatment. In case of a medical emergency, every effort will be made to contact the parents or guardians of the camper. In the event that they cannot be reached, they hereby give permission to the physician selected by the hospital to secure proper treatment, order injections, administer anesthesia, or perform surgery for their child named on the reverse side of this form. Parents or Guardians give permission for Tylenol/Motrin/Benadryl to be given at the Nurse’s discretion if unable to contact parents.